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 High school of the Necrotic Flesh (Zombie survival)

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Keyblade Master Spoon
Keyblade Master Spoon

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High school of the Necrotic Flesh (Zombie survival) Empty
PostSubject: High school of the Necrotic Flesh (Zombie survival)   High school of the Necrotic Flesh (Zombie survival) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 1:59 pm

Ok here's how this breaks down. Your character is attending Fushija High in Japan. this is right before the first zombie out break so please don't Metta. Remember that this is a Japanese high school and is a lot different then a American one such as how class work and they will have many more clubs that you normally don't see in American high schools. Post Your character profile here and ill start it off when we have enough people.

Character Profile

Player:(your username)
Concept: (are you a jock a nerd a bully?)
Name:(your name)
Gender:(male or female)
Age:(how old you are)
Grade:( 9th -freshman 10th-Sophmore, 11th-Jr,12- Senior)
Clubs active in:(ex: Spearminship
Direct Family:(mom dad sister brother)
Aproved Characters

Player: Keyblade Master Spoon
Concept: Freshman
Name: Kagura Miyagi
Age: 14
Clubs active in: CLub adviser for anime/manga club
Direct Family:Mother: Hiroe Sutou (age 40) Brother: Ryu Sutou (age 18)

Concept: Kendo Club President
Name: Reina Ishiyama
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11th-Jr
Clubs active in: Kendo
Direct Family: Mother: RItsu Ishiyama
Father: Nagaharu Ishiyama
Brother: Takajin Ishiyama

Well shoot
Player: Tim
Name: Kajireto
Gender: male
Grade:12- Senior
Clubs active in: Baseball
Direct Family:Two brothers one older one younger, Dad is an engineer, Mom is a nurse


((ok lets start))

Kagura Has out on the roof during lunch staring out into the town. There was smoke coming from the town. "hu must have been some kinda crash". He continues to eat her sandwich when she see's someone approaching the schools gate. " I Wonder whats going on down there?" a bunch of the teachers were now rushing towards the gate. "Hey you get away, These gates are locked until schools over/" One of the male teachers said forcefully poking the man with a broom stick. the man stumbled backwards a few steps then continues to run into the gate. The male teacher grabs the front of the strange mans shirt and yells "GET OUT OF HER.................." Then out of nowhere the Strange man bites the arm of the teacher. The teacher screams in pain as the others pull him away and drag him inside.

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High school of the Necrotic Flesh (Zombie survival)
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