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PostSubject: Bamboo Blade   Bamboo Blade Icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 1:16 pm

Now i love a good sword fighting anime who doesn't. Now when you can put as character i can connect to in it that makes it better. As in my personal opinion characters make the show . I am personally not going to watch anything unless i feel close to a character. Now for the girl i wish to be real Tamaki Kawazoe a sword fighting prodigy, well more of a kendo prodigy and on top that she an otaku she kinda acts emotionless. I wish i could find a girl like this personally. Now kirino chiba, the upbeat team captain acts dumb but is smart as a tack. Thirdly, Miyako "Miya-Miya" Miyazaki a sweet girl on the surface she literally spuse evil, which makes most villain look like sweet little girls. now Satori "Satorin" Azuma, appear halfway though the main series, she is a clumsy yet talented at kendo. finally the last important character, Sayako "Saya" Kuwahara a not to talented girl, can't write book, fails at writing songs, and so so on kendo. then there is the club head and two other guy but that will get into spoilers.the series start with a bet two teacher bet there team of girls can beat each other for free food, the club head is a loser by the way, his sempai want the trophy the loser guy won. this is a slice of life anime with a kendo splash. now that music a very up beat dance ending , and a opening that only fits, it call bamboo beat how can i explain more. now i love the next episodes bit at the end of the credits. this series has some specials on youtube. and last but not least tama-chan x me. tama-chan is my avatar so that how she looks
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