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 midori midori

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PostSubject: midori midori   Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:33 pm

i going to review something so bad that calling it shit would not justify how bad it is.and it be really really mean to shit. this anime is called green green. the story two star crossed lover separated by time. and it starts episode one and they throw the story aside until episode 8. episode 1-7 feels like filler, and not good filler boobs, panties, and anything ecchi. now characters a fat pervert, a skinny guy that's a womanizer, a guy the want a girl to call him brother an sniff her and eat, and the fairly nice guy. now for the girls there better. a girl that carries around a cactus wearing gloves all the time, her sister, midori a dim wit, and the sick girl. now back to the guy that's gets off by smelling a girl and eating. this is a actual fetish. one of good thing is the art constantly good. now this anime had two story directors one for 1-7 and the second pick up 8-13. i think the first directer killed himself form working on a piece of shit. there are a yoai threesome,a IS guy raped by a bear, and monkey rape a girl. this is not show but it almost hentai. now the ending the last good thing the ending is horrible and felt rushed but i was happy to watch the last second of this anime it was over. the greatest thing ever in the anime. so it really bad -10 out of 10. this was a pain to watch, SO DON'T WATCH IT ! IF YOU DID I WARNED YOU HOW BAD IT IS!
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midori midori
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