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 the church of konata

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PostSubject: the church of konata   Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:54 am

This religion follows the practice of konata. A grand otaku which we all wish to be like.
  1. Thou shall not flip beef tongue
  2. Thou shall devote yourself to anime and manga
  3. Thou shall chant the secrete word "timoetei"(during pray)
  4. Thou shall play hentai games
  5. Thou must hate sports
  6. Thou shall not bash the grand otaku (Konata)
  7. Thou shall love June
  8. Thou shall hate homework
  9. Thou shall copy homework
  10. Thou shall read doujins

*this is a joke religion but people live by these rules*
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the church of konata
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